Want an easy way to get to know Chris and his team without committing to a call? Look no further. As an industry expert and with over a decade of experience (despite the baby face), Chris has been invited to speak on multiple podcasts. Check them out:

And if you’re wondering what it’s like to work with Chris and his team at Your Conversion Partners, check out these testimonials from happy clients…

It was a really good experience working with Your Conversion Partners. 

All deadlines were met on time. 

The copy was really excellent – from the sales page, all the way through the second upsell and downsell, plus the e-com version of the page. Great deliverables. 

The first draft was super solid, which meant very few rewrites and the rewrites were done super quickly too. 

All in all, it was a really good experience with Chris and his team. Great communication throughout. I got a ton of updates as the material was being written. 

We’re going to be launching soon and I’m pretty sure we’re going to crush it with this offer.

Also, I’ve got to add that Chris also took care of the formula. From finding the manufacturer to designing a product that could work from a copy standpoint AND a logistics standpoint. It was very hands-off for me, just a great experience. 

Boris Schrenzel

CEO, of 7-Figure NutriSolutions

I’ve run multiple brands and done over 60 million dollars in my career in affiliate marketing. And this would not have happened without the help of Chris Wright and his team at Your Conversion Partners. He is one of the most talented copywriters in the industry and he has helped me make well over 20 million in revenue in my career, and I look forward to working with him each and every opportunity I can.

I refer everyone I can to Chris Wright because him and his team actually are the ones who write copy in a way that really influences and helps customers see the value of the product, helps them understand the story and become connected. There is no one else quite like him who actually cares as well for the follow-up.

A lot of times, working with content creators, there tends to be a one transactional relationship. With Chris Wright and his team you get the ability to work with someone long-term. They care about making sure the offer works, converts, and they want to see it doing better. And that’s one of the best parts about working with him is that you not only have someone who’s talented, intelligent, smart, who can actually do the job as they promised, but they’re also there to work with you to improve upon it as it goes. Because as we all know in the direct marketing world, everything is not a unicorn on day one. It takes many weeks, many variations, many updates and testings to make something perfect and work long term.

Would I recommend Chris Wright? Yes. He’s my number one go-to for copywriting. He’s made me the most money of anybody I know. And I appreciate working with him more than any other agency out there. If you haven’t worked with Chris Wright you should. Otherwise, good luck on trying to determine if you will have a success or not. Chris and his team at Your Conversion Partners are basically a guarantee that you’ll be on the path, working with him to a successful offer, no matter what. Good luck working with him.

Cody Bramlett

CEO, of 8-Figure Science Natural Supplements and Supplement Millionaire

When it comes to working with copywriters, there’s none better than Chris & his team at Your Conversion Partners. 

I’ve worked with DOZENS of copywriters, and they’re often hit or miss. Chris & his team, on the other hand, are world-class, provide amazing copy (fast), and are on the cutting edge of what’s working in marketing & direct response, today. 

That’s why I trust Chris & his team to write copy for our celebrity clients such as Floyd Mayweather and many others (he’ll soon be writing for our Mike Tyson offer!)…

Don’t look anywhere else — your answer for copy is right HERE with Chris and team. I highly recommend them, and I’ll be working with them right up until they stop taking clients (if ever!).

Thank you Chris & team!

Mike Balmaceda

CEO & Founder, Amplify HQ


Through the years working as a business owner, you have the potential to go through lots of underwhelming service providers.

Recently, (through private referral) I’ve been lucky enough to be introduced to the best copywriter I’ve ever worked with who goes by the name of Chris Wright.

As a product owner, of course you obviously want a copywriter who can get your product to sell like hotcakes.

Well, Chris not only did that, but I’m even more impressed with the exceptional quality end-to-end service that him and his team provides, they really do become like a silent partner in your success with big results.

Chris helped us with everything from market research, demographic, product names, etc..and continues to help increase our conversions even today.

Is Chris and his team’s services more pricey than some others, yes. Would I be willing to pay less and not work with him and his team, that is a resounding absolutely not…hiring Chris was one of the smartest moves to ensure my success I ever made, and my affiliates continue to tell me so.

Sorry if this is a bit long to read, but if I was in someone else’s shoes about to make a major decision, I’d want someone willing to share with  me the facts.

Anyway, I hope that’s clear enough to help, but if any more questions arise in what a pleasure it was (and is) to work with Chris and his team, feel free to contact me anytime.

With regards,

Roman Franklin

Health Labs Brand

Hi, my name’s John Cho, and I’m leaving a quick testimonial for Chris Wright and his team over at Your Conversion Partners.

I’ve had the fortunate experience to work with Chris on two projects now. One in health and one in spirituality. I find him to be easy to work with. He’s great. He’s very understanding, very accommodating. He provides the copy on a timely manner and most importantly, copy converts. Right now one of the health supplements copy is converting at around 1.5%, which is exactly what we were looking for.

And yeah, I think he understands the entire process of creating an offer, the sales page, all the split testing. And I think he understands all of the timelines. So he really is… His team really is a partner, not just a copywriter who writes and leads. So I’m very appreciative and very thankful to have found Chris and to be working with him. And I’m looking forward to working with him on a number of newer projects that’s coming in 2023. Yep. All right. That’s it. That’s all. Thanks. Bye.

John Cho

We have worked with a number of copywriters over the years and without a doubt the team at Your Conversion Partners have been the best to work with.

We were first impressed with their communication and attention to detail. Rather than simply running off and writing a sales letter they took the time to understand our business and goals.

Once we worked out a plan and they started work they were in constant communication regarding their status and deliverables.

The final work product was delivered on time and exceeded our expectations. We look forward to working with them in the future on many more projects.

Chris Guill

Founder, GB Promotions