Our Process


The Your Conversion Partners Process is Designed to Give you the Highest Possible Chance of Generating the Most Revenue Possible

FIRST, we get to know you and your business. Every relationship begins with a call with Your Conversion Partners founder, Chris Wright. He’ll want to know every part of your business, your goals and whether both parties are a good fit.

SECOND, once the project is live, Chris alongside his team of elite copywriters will begin the collaborative process. This starts with researching the market, the offer, the product and literally anything that takes us towards the end goal of creating blockbuster promotional copy. Simultaneously, you’ll receive transparent weekly updates keeping you in the loop at all times.

THIRD, we’ll take our research and boil down the ‘essence’ of what the copy will be about. You can call this a big idea, angle, story or something else. Ultimately, it’s the engine behind your copy responsible for its success.

FOURTH, we’ll begin writing and establish an early copy check-in. For example, on a long form promotion, we’ll write the lead and then send it to you for review. This is a good opportunity to see how your project is coming along and to make calibration-based adjustments (like, for example, wanting a different tone of voice).

FIFTH, we’ll continue writing your copy while giving you weekly updates. Culminating in the delivery of your cornerstone copy plus the first test copy. This is your next opportunity to give feedback on the copy.

SIXTH, once the copy goes live, we’ll begin further optimizations. We’ll use the data you provide to guide us to the biggest needle-movers that are worth looking at. The aim of each round of optimizations is to produce at least a 10% increase in conversions or average order value. We’ll continue this process for as long as the promotion is live.