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Your Conversion Partners was created
because we spent time in your shoes

Our founder, Chris Wright, started as a freelance copywriter. He worked with many of the biggest names in direct response marketing, across many of the biggest niches. Having seen it all from the copy side, he decided to launch a supplement business.

As a business owner, running direct response offers and hiring writers, it became obvious that the copywriter-client relationship was broken. Incentives were misaligned, each party was pulling in different directions, and copy wasn’t being delivered with the best chance of success.

Enter Your Conversion Partners.

Chris brought together an elite group of direct response copywriters and marketers – responsible for over 9-figures in sales – to raise the standard.

He built a copywriting shop that he would hire himself. Which means…

Your Conversion Partners wins AFTER you win.

We structure deals that give us the most exposure to profit only after the money has hit your bank account. You get paid first – which incentives us to deliver the results you want.

Your Conversion Partners collaborates.

The #1 superpower of the world’s most successful direct response organizations is collaboration. You simply can’t create world-class ideas, copy and offers without bringing multiple minds together. That’s why your project will involve at least three copywriters.


Your Conversion Partners continually optimizes your copy.

You’ll have copy to test from the moment we deliver. And – so long as you provide us with data – we’ll keep optimizing for the length of our agreement.

Your Conversion Partners are personal and professional.

We pride ourselves on keeping you in the loop with weekly updates, being enjoyable to work with and helping you beyond the copy (like advising you with supplier negotiations, software recommendations and more). If we can help you – we will. Likewise, if we can’t, we’ll connect you with someone who can.

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The Your Conversion Partners Process is Designed to Give you the Highest Possible Chance of Generating the Most Revenue Possible

FIRST, we get to know you and your business. Every relationship begins with a call with Your Conversion Partners founder, Chris Wright. He’ll want to know every part of your business, your goals and whether both parties are a good fit.

SECOND, once the project is live, Chris alongside his team of elite copywriters will begin the collaborative process. This starts with researching the market, the offer, the product and literally anything that takes us towards the end goal of creating blockbuster promotional copy. Simultaneously, you’ll receive transparent weekly updates keeping you in the loop at all times.

THIRD, we’ll take our research and boil down the ‘essence’ of what the copy will be about. You can call this a big idea, angle, story or something else. Ultimately, it’s the engine behind your copy responsible for its success.

FOURTH, we’ll begin writing and establish an early copy check-in. For example, on a long form promotion, we’ll write the lead and then send it to you for review. This is a good opportunity to see how your project is coming along and to make calibration-based adjustments (like, for example, wanting a different tone of voice).

FIFTH, we’ll continue writing your copy while giving you weekly updates. Culminating in the delivery of your cornerstone copy plus the first test copy. This is your next opportunity to give feedback on the copy.

SIXTH, once the copy goes live, we’ll begin further optimizations. We’ll use the data you provide to guide us to the biggest needle-movers that are worth looking at. The aim of each round of optimizations is to produce at least a 10% increase in conversions or average order value. We’ll continue this process for as long as the promotion is live.

Your Conversion Partners Offers Direct Response Copywriting
Across Every Major Direct Response Niche







Business Opportunity

And many more

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When it comes to working with copywriters, there’s none better than Chris & his team at Your Conversion Partners. 

I’ve worked with DOZENS of copywriters, and they’re often hit or miss. Chris & his team, on the other hand, are world-class, provide amazing copy (fast), and are on the cutting edge of what’s working in marketing & direct response, today. 

That’s why I trust Chris & his team to write copy for our celebrity clients such as Floyd Mayweather and many others (he’ll soon be writing for our Mike Tyson offer!)…

Don’t look anywhere else — your answer for copy is right HERE with Chris and team. I highly recommend them, and I’ll be working with them right up until they stop taking clients (if ever!).

Thank you Chris & team!

Mike Balmaceda

CEO & Founder, Amplify HQ


Through the years working as a business owner, you have the potential to go through lots of underwhelming service providers.

Recently, (through private referral) I’ve been lucky enough to be introduced to the best copywriter I’ve ever worked with who goes by the name of Chris Wright.

As a product owner, of course you obviously want a copywriter who can get your product to sell like hotcakes.

Well, Chris not only did that, but I’m even more impressed with the exceptional quality end-to-end service that him and his team provides, they really do become like a silent partner in your success with big results.

Chris helped us with everything from market research, demographic, product names, etc..and continues to help increase our conversions even today.

Is Chris and his team’s services more pricey than some others, yes. Would I be willing to pay less and not work with him and his team, that is a resounding absolutely not…hiring Chris was one of the smartest moves to ensure my success I ever made, and my affiliates continue to tell me so.

Sorry if this is a bit long to read, but if I was in someone else’s shoes about to make a major decision, I’d want someone willing to share with  me the facts.

Anyway, I hope that’s clear enough to help, but if any more questions arise in what a pleasure it was (and is) to work with Chris and his team, feel free to contact me anytime.

With regards,

Roman Franklin

Health Labs Brand

Here’s Who We Work With

You need to…

Be a 7- or 8-figure business with your operations dialed-in (we make rare exceptions for high 6-figure companies)…

Understand the value of copy as a cornerstone of your success…

Want a partnership built on mutual respect – where you trust us as experts without micromanaging…

Recognize that the results-focused nature of Your Conversion Partners means we only take on a small number of committed clients – who secure their place in our schedule with an initial fee plus continued royalty…

If that’s you, then take 30-seconds to fill in the form below and book your call with Chris Wright.